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1.The year of personal genomics.

This may have been the year personal genomics came of age in India. While tests to check for mutations that make one more vulnerable to breast cancer have been available in India since 2010, companies this year have expanded the repertoire. read more

2.Sri Lanka parties slug it out over draft Development Bill.

Th legislation has been bitterly criticised by Chief Ministers, mostly belonging to the SLFP.

When 2016 began, the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), constituents of the “National Unity” government and the country’s two principal parties, were still in the midst of honeymoon. But, as the year went by, the differences between the two began to crop up.

read more

3.India lost 97 wild tigers in 2016: conservation authority.

Statistics provided by the official database of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) show that the death toll of wild tigers in the country touched 97 in 2016, the highest among the annual death figures of the big cat during the past five years. In 2015, the figure of wild tiger deaths was 70, in 2014 it was 66, in 2013 it was 63 and in 2012 it was 72.  read more

1.Utility of tribunals comes under SC, Centre scanner

A plethora of tribunals has failed to ensure speedy justice and reduce the burden of courts which are reeling under huge pendency of cases, prompting the Centre and Supreme Court to re-assess the utility of these quasi-judicial bodies.   read more

1.Year of demonetisation, shock and surprise.

Not a dull moment. Whether it was the late night airing of the biggest currency overhaul in New Delhi or the unprecedented sacking of a chief minister by his patriarch-cum-party boss in Uttar Pradesh or the unfortunate demise of the sitting chief minister in Tamil Nadu and the musical chair over the CM-post in Arunachal Pradesh — shock and surprise acquired a new meaning in 2016.  read more

2.NaMonomics for taxing times.

NEW DELHI: The smell of money is in the air. The Narendra Modi government’s blueprint for the New Age Economy is ready. Taxes are the golden key to raise revenue. The middle class and the upper middle class will come under the taxman’s lens increasingly. The number of taxpayers will double to 100 million. Only around 4 percent of 1.3 billion Indians pay income tax. Tax expenditures, which benefit only the rich, will go.  read more

3.MSME Initiatives need private sector support.

The Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises sector has seen a flurry of initiatives launched by the Government of India over the last year. Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Kalraj Mishra speaks to M Rajendran on the success of these measures so far and his vision for the New Year… read more

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