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1.SC makes national anthem mandatory in cinema halls.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered cinema halls to mandatorily play the national anthem before every screening even as all those present have to “stand up to show respect.” The practice, according to the court, will “instil a feeling of committed patriotism and nationalism.”  read more

2.Govt. merges visas under multiple head.

The Union Cabinet gave an approval to liberalise the visa regime in the country by merging conference, tourist, business and medical visas into one. read more

3.New model to forecast fog over airport.

To get a better grip on forecasting fog, a series of organisations has partnered with the airport authorities here to develop a system that can warn of fog at least 6-24 hours in advance, calculate its severity, and estimate when it is likely to lift enough for flights to take off and land safely.  read more

4.Writing a new Pakistan playbook.

The time has come for India to define the nature and scope of its conflict with Pakistan. We should do so before it defines us and perpetuates the India-Pakistan ‘hyphenation’

Arguably, this is one of the darkest periods in India-Pakistan relations. The moot point is whether the two neighbours are meandering towards an existential crisis, given their history of troubled relations. It would seem so, as every time an attempt is made by India to reduce tensions, matters only seem to spiral downwards.

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1.Nat'l anthem to play before films, all must rise, says SC THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS:

Prescribing patriotism for citizens on Wednesday , the Supreme Court made it compulsory for cinema theatres to play the national anthem with the image of the national flag prior to screening films and said the audience should stand up to show respect. read more

2. Judicial overreach': Experts slam SC order on national anthem.
`It Will Be Extremely Difficult For Cinema Owners To Enforce Order’
Constitutional experts severely criticised the Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday to make screening of national anthem a must terming it a judicial legislation and one that would be impossible to implement.  read more
3. One MRP for packaged items within a state, says Centre

There cannot be two maximum retail prices (MRPs) for the same packaged item within a state, consumer affairs department has said in its advisory to state governments.

This means it’s not just bottled water, but all packaged items, including beverages, cannot be sold at two different MRPs in shops, multiplexes or airports.  read more

4. SC stops Punjab from giving back SYL land to farmers

The Supreme Court restrained the Punjab government on Wednesday to maintain status quo on land acquired for construction of SYL canal to give Haryana its share of Ravi-Beas water and sought a report about the state’s move to return the land to farmers.  read more

5. Nagrota In Perspective.

The Nagrota terrorist attack was not a surprise and more terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan will not be surprises either. Forty years ago Pakistani dictator Zia ul Haq conceived the plan of slow retribution against India in response to the disgrace the Pakistan army suffered in 1971. No military-guided civilian government of Pakistan is ever going to reverse that tide.  read more

1.Should the state fund elections.

A cofferdam is a diversionary structure meant to redirect the waters of a river while the main dam is being built on the original channel. The current talk about public funding of elections as another measure to eradicate black money is meant to do precisely that— deflect the public’s demand for a clean-up of the electoral system. read more

2.Supreme Court orders status quo on Sutlej-Yamuna link canal road.

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