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1. Aadhaar linkage to school subsidy schemes worries HRD Ministry.

The HRD Ministry official was responding to the Cabinet Secretariat’s directive in November.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has expressed concern over the Centre’s push to link the Aadhaar number with subsidy schemes related to school education.

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2.In ISRO’s launch of 104 satellites next week,88 will be from U.S.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is on the cusp of making history when it sends 104 satellites into orbit on its PSLV-C37 rocket on February 15. Only three of them are Indian satellites. read more

3.Ancient sport, new age protects.

Full-year growth at 7.6 % will maintain India’s position as the fastest-growing major economy.  read more

4.Don't make binding concession for APEC.

Almost everybody appeared to miss the siren song of ‘unsynchronised awakenings’ of an ‘under class’ in the jallikattu protests. It is these segments that are leading the global revolt against the so-called ‘elite’

The final months of 2016 witnessed high drama in Tamil Nadu, with millions across the State overcome by grief following the prolonged hospitalisation and subsequent demise of Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa.

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1. Centre's share in edu spend falling for 3 yrs

Spending on education as a share of total budgeted expenditure of the Central government has been falling for the past three years. read more

2. Microbes to give eco-friendly burial to oil sludge on Chennai coast.

Scientists from Indian Oil Corporation started the process of treating over 100 tonnes of oil sludge at Ennore Port using indigenous technology involving a cocktail of bacteria and nutrients on Saturday.  read more

3. Trump and Europe.

European leaders have expressed concern over Trump admin istration policies ­ many of which go against deep-rooted assumptions of the Western alliance ­ when they met at an EU conclave in Malta.  read more

1.The big ‘C’ is now a youngster’s disease.

Dhanya, 22, represents the new epidemic that is slowly spreading across India and the world. It is the increasing incidence of different types of cancer in young adults.  read more

2. Atmospheric oxygen levels linked to evolution.

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