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1.The heart of the problem.

There are good reasons why the ‘Heart of Asia’ conference, part of a 14-nation process begun in 2011 to facilitate the development and security of Afghanistan, is so named. The obvious one is geographical, as Afghanistan lies at the junction of Central, South and East Asia, and also of the ancient  read more

2.Reimagining the liberal project.

The triumphant words of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, that Donald Trump’s victory “marks a repudiation of the status quo of failed liberal progressive policies” are a striking indication of a growing sense of unease against not just . read more

3.Comparing apples and oranges.

A year ago, the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) announced a National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to assign ranks to institutions of higher education and research (HE&R) in the country.   read more

4.The nowhere people.

An increasing number of people globally are facing displacement due to droughts, famines, rising sea levels and other natural disasters caused by climate change. This class of migrants has been labelled as ‘environmental refugees’ in popular literature. According to the Internal Displacement   read more

1.Shrinking ESZ will affect lions' conservation

The government’s move to shrink the eco-sensitive zone around the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary poses existential threat to its compact eco-system.   read more

2.Save Afghanistan

Last weekend’s Heart of Asia (HoA) conference in Amritsar will go down as one of those rare moments in international diplomacy when a participating country is openly embarrassed by fellow members of the process. The conference ­ meeting to coordinate efforts for peace and development in Afghanistan ­ saw Pakistan being called out for supporting terrorists who are not only undermining Afghan security but also destabilising the region as a whole. In fact, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani openly chastised Pakistan when he stated that Islamabad’s pledge of $500 million for Afghan reconstruction could be better used for containing extremism with roots in Pakistani soil.  read more

1.The Court and the anthem.

The recent order of the Supreme Court directing all cinema halls in the country to play the national anthem before the commencement of the show has triggered widespread debate among jurists and political commentators with several of them arguing that the court has outreached itself and taken a position that is violative of the fundamental rights of citizens. Some of them even argue that it may be difficult to enforce the order.  read more

2.Rate cut expectations ahead of MPC meeting.

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