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1.Right to clean air.

As I write this column, my gaze is on the post-Deepavali haze that has enveloped Delhi. As a third-generation asthmatic, with a fourth-generation asthmatic daughter, it is set me wondering whether returning to Delhi, the city of my birth,  read more

2.Global fears over India’s ticking TB time bomb.

Eighteen months after the Indian government launched the “TB Free India” campaign, nine policy changes under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) are yet to be implemented. The delay has raised concerns  read more

3.Bank’s inability to lend hindering private investment,says Jaitley.

Domestic investment is the only growth engine that still needs to pick up and banks must recover their loans to help boost private investment, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Saturday while speaking on debt recovery.  read more

1. `Beyond reasonable doubt' doesn't mean beyond all doubts: SC

Thirty-four years after a person was mercilessly beheaded in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court has finally brought five accused to book and awarded them life imprisonment., read more

2. Surveys mislead when firms control the investment climate.

Is India’s investment climate truly improving? The `Doing Business 2017′ report of the World Bank shows India improving only marginally from 131st to 130th position among surveyed countries. Meanwhile Assessment of State Imthe industry ministry’s ` plementation of Business Reforms 2015-16′ claims that implementation of a 340-point reform programme by the states has improved to 48.9% from just 32% the previous year.  read more

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