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1. What ‘America First’ means for India.

India is not on top of the mind for U.S. President Donald Trump. As he opens multiple battlefronts, domestically and internationally, the onus is on India to catch the attention of the new administration

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2. Rewiring the WTO.

Growing disenchantment with the existing model of globalisation is also a historic opportunity to frame new rules granting equal opportunities to all in the global marketplace

The visit of Roberto Azevêdo, Director General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to India, from February 8, comes at a juncture when the framework of global trade rules is undergoing a shake-up.

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3. Disability and the culture of violence.

Disability has been one the end results of violence historically. Since ancient times, numerous wars have been fought and entire civilisations have been destroyed. The end results of every war has been seen in binaries like ‘victory’ and ‘loss’, ‘life’ and ‘death’, ‘pride’ and ‘humiliation’. But, one binary which generally escapes attention of war historians is ‘able-bodiness’ and ‘disability’.  read more

4.Back to basics.

Transformational technologies arise from pure science. If India wants to nurture the next big invention, it must ramp up support for research

Our lives are being transformed by technology daily. We are keenly aware of new tools like smart phones and the Internet,

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1. Link mobile phone users to Aadhaar: SC.

The Supreme Court directed the Union government on Monday to register identity details of all 105 crore mobile phone users by linking their SIM cards to their Aadhaar number. While giving this direction to the Centre, a bench of Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice N V Ramana commended advocate Ashok Dhamija for filing the PIL on behalf of NGO Lokniti Foundation seeking 100% verification of mobile phone subscribers with regard to their identity and address by linking their phone numbers to their Aadhaar cards. read more

2. Enemy property should not pass on to owner's descendants: SC

The Supreme Court on Monday said enemy property should not get transferred to the descendants of the erstwhile owners and must go to the government.  read more

3. Capital gains tax: Govt to protect genuine investors.

In an attempt to protect genuine investments, the government plans to issue an “exhaustive list“ of transactions on which the “antiabuse“ provision of levying long-term capital gains tax on share transfer in unlisted companies will not apply .  read more

1.The joke over political funding.

The chink in the BJP’s self-righteous armour widened into a loophole on the first of this month with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s anaemic declaration about reduction in the cash donation cap to political parties to Rs 2,000.  read more

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