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1. ‘1892 Cauvery pact an unequal bargain’.

It can claim no validity after birth of Indian Constitution, Karnataka counsel tells Supreme Court

The 1892 agreement between the erstwhile Mysore and Madras Governments was an “unconscionable bargain” to share the Cauvery river water, Karnataka told the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

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2. ‘Can’t lay down norms on how people should react to jokes’.

SC was hearing a plea against humour stereotyping the Sikh community

Some people laugh when they hear jokes, some become all the more reserved. People have various reactions. The Supreme Court cannot frame moral guidelines on how people should react to jokes.

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3.Time to upgrade.

Since Independence, the military has remained at the forefront of dealing with the changing character of conflict both along as well as within India’s borders. The worsening security situation today is a strategic reality. In this context,  read more

4.Pride as well as prejudice.

The tribal bodies’ protest against reservation for women in local municipalities in Nagaland must not be allowed to settle the argument

All-male tribal bodies have been against the 33% reservation for women in urban local bodies (ULBs) in Nagaland right from the time the Nagaland government enacted the Nagaland Municipal (First Amendment) Act in 2006,

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1. Supreme Court refuses to ban `Sardar' jokes.

The Supreme Court ruled out on Tuesday any blanket ban on `Sardar’ jokes saying the judiciary could not lay down moral guidelines for citizens and that it should not pass orders on how people should conduct themselves.   read more

2. Trump's Candour.

President Donald Trump certainly stands out for one quality: his exceptional candour. When asked on TV why he respected President Vladimir Putin who was a “killer“, Trump responded that America was hardly innocent in that respect.  read more

1.Cash, Crimes and Corruption.

Readers are well aware of the problems of electoral representation in the country: Widespread corruption and criminality of elected officials, their defection from parties after election, lack of inner party democracy and establishment of family political enterprises,  read more

2.H-1B and India’s Trump card.

The Trump administration’s call  ‘Buy American, Hire American’ will seemingly hit Indian businesses which have a sizeable US exposure. This is being followed up by a Bill to curb the use of H-1B visas. The tool: Jacking up the qualifying annual salary from $60,000 to $130,000.  read more

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