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1.Growing insecurity in Afghanistan.

Tuesday’s blast near the Supreme Court premises in Kabul that left at least 20 people dead, underscores the growing insecurity in Afghanistan. The suicide attack once again reveals the capability of terrorist outfits in Afghanistan to target even the most secure places in the national capital.  read more

2.Enterprise as an instrument of change.

Richard Leider, a bestselling author, asks this question, “What are the two most important days of your life?” The first answer is obvious: the day you were born, but the second is not so obvious. It is not the day you die; that is the end of the story, not a high point. It is not the day you graduate, get married, or have your first child — all significant milestones, of course, but not life-defining for most. The answer: it is the day you realise why you were born. read more

3.Getting back home safely.

Despite extensive experience in conducting evacuation operations of its citizens abroad, India still needs to institutionalise best practices

On January 26, 1986, as New Delhi celebrated its Republic Day, South Yemen was being engulfed in a civil war that threatened the lives of thousands of foreigners living there.

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4.Is it a hit,miss or well left?

For the already available beneficial impact of liquidity on cost of funds, RBI’s stance of no cut would have seemed harder on the economy.

The Credit Policy always stirs interest on three counts: its policy stance, its rate action, its proposals on credit and liquidity.

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1.SC directs Centre to frame policy to preserve wetlands.
The Move Likely To Protect Over 2 Lakh Waterbodies
In a major direction to preserve ecologically crucial wetlands threatened by encroachment in many parts of the country , the Supreme Court directed the Centre on Wednesday to frame a policy to protect wetlands by June 30.

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2. Tackling Corruption
Deal with systemic causes such as unresponsive governance and authorities’ discretionary power
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches this week in parliament revolved around corruption. His defence of demonetisation and the observation that public discourse today is about recovery of black money have their roots in popular belief that corruption is the biggest economic problem for India today .

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1. Lanka worries about Indian ‘Trojan Horse’.

For decades before and after Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948, India’s relations with the island nation were political and adversarial.  read more

2.Colour of the future.

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