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1.Fewer migratory water birds sighted at Ropar.

‘Due to threat and unavailability of food, the number of some species has dwindled’

Fewer winter migratory water birds from central and north Asia were sighted at the Ropar Wetland in Punjab this season, apparently because of increasing human interference.

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2.The mystery of police reform.

That police is a State subject complicates matters, but self-correction within the force is essential

“Police reforms are going on and on. Nobody listens to our orders.” This is how a Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice J.S. Khehar reacted last week,

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3.Staying cool.

Inia has launched the second phase of the programme to eliminate the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) as part of its commitment under the Montreal Protocol, which requires the complete removal of chemicals that result in ozone depletion and aid global warming.  read more

1.Banking the Unbanked
Is the NDA government’s flagship initiative Jan Dhan Yojana bearing fruit on the ground?
There is a big debate about the activity role of financial markets and products in shaping consumer welfare and real economic . In developed economies, there is an increasing discussion that financial sector may have become inefficiently large and products offered to households may have become excessively complex.

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1.Solving the GDP Data puzzle.

There is a well-known conversation between an optimist and a pessimist. The optimist says, “Isn’t it wonderful that the GDP is growing at 7 per cent? We have such a strong and resilient economy!” To which the pessimist replies, “I am afraid that’s true, my friend.” The point is  that those pessimists are not satisfied with 7 per cent and want more. They are implicitly asking: Is this the best we can do?   read more

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