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1.A triumph for French liberalism.

It is tempting to see Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential run-off on Sunday as little more than a coronation.  read more

2.The centre holds.

Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory in the French presidential election has elicited a sigh of relief not just in his country, but in others as well. read more

3.Towards a unique digital South Asian identity.

The enthusiasm with which government agencies and businesses have embraced Aadhaar should prompt India’s foreign policy planners to deploy it abroad. Executed properly, Aadhaar could become a central pillar of India’s “neighbourhood first” policy, culminating in the creation of a unique digital South Asian identity.  read more

4.Being humane.

Two decades after signing the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, India is yet to ratify it. There can be little justification for such a prolonged delay in passing legislation to give effect to the convention.  read more

5.The single-service syndrome.

Last month the three service chiefs released the latest iteration of the Joint Doctrine for the Indian Armed Forces.  read more

6.Righting the Left.

As the Right triumphantly marches on through the wasteland left behind following the destruction of the political Left’s support base, there is much to learn from the tilt. read more

7.Push for private sector in defence production.

The Government has accelerated efforts to finalise the ambitious Strategic Partnership (SP) model, which would give a major boost to private sector participation in defence manufacturing. read more

8.Decision on NPAs still lies with banks.

Banks would still be responsible for taking commercial decisions on non-performing assets weighing down their balance-sheets, including possible haircuts, but scrutiny from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and advisories from oversight committees on the processes they adopt should comfort bankers, a top Finance Ministry official said on Monday. read more

1. What Macron's Victory Means

This Sunday , French voters chose Emmanuel Macron to be their new President. As protectionism and insularity make inroads into numerous countries, France chose openness to the world and innovation.  read more

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