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1.Clarity and facts on the ground

There are several conflicting accounts of precisely what transpired when senior advocate Shyam Divan made a request late in March for an early hearing of a batch of petitions that question the validity of the unique identification scheme  read more

2.None for the road.

The liquor trade, as the Supreme Court has emphasised, is indeed res extra commercium, something outside the idea of commerce. It exists solely at the discretion of policymakers without any concomitant fundamental right that other businesses enjoy.  read more

3.Stepping up to a shared potential.

India is the world’s most populous democracy and will, by 2030, be the most populous country, overtaking China.  read more

4.Real meaning of Brexit.

Britain’s apparent tone of accommodation over its current complex exit negotiations with the European Union (EU) would have seemed inconceivable only a couple of months ago.  read more

1. Inter State Council panel discusses governors' powers.

The standing committee of Inter State Council, which met after12 years on Sunday , discussed the discretionary powers of governors in appointment of chief ministers, their assent in bills passed by state assemblies and the powers of state ministers.   read more

2. The assault on dairy

The economic consequences of banning cow slaughter can be significant. It is quite likely that over time cows may disappear from India. A look at the data from livestock census, which is carried out every five years, is revealing.  read more

3. Coming Closer

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s first visit to India after the BJP-led government came to power in 2014 has pulled the two countries closer.  read more

4. Allow free Vote

India may be a fractious democracy where few institutions work, but one thing that keeps it thriving is that the integrity of its elections are beyond doubt   read more

5. Protect Citizens' Freedom

As a law teacher and lawyer working in my home system, but concerned with issues of law and technology that are global more than they are national, i’ve spent the last several years paying much more attention to the Indian Supreme Court   read more

1.The missing man in the Teesta puzzle

There was a man missing from the intense talks on the Teesta river during Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s three-day visit to India, which concludes today.  read more

2.Odisha mulls a UP on farm loan waiver,but does it have the resource?

The Yogi Adityanath bug has bitten many states. After the firebrand Uttar Pradesh chief minister announced a Rs 36,000 crore farm loan waiver, suppressed voices from other states have found a reason.   read more

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