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1.Keep your promise on cash withdrawal limit,SC tells govt.

Asking whether demonetisation is the product of an ‘impulse’, the Supreme Court insisted on Friday that if people have been assured a weekly withdrawal of Rs. 24,000 of their legitimate money from banks, the government should keep its promise and ensure that a system is in place.  read more

2.Disabled children miss out due to lack of support services: Report.

About 45 per cent of all persons with disabilities (PWD) in India are illiterate, according to the India Social Development Report (SDR) 2016, whose theme this year is ‘Disabilities Rights Perspectives’. read more

3.A doctrine of unpredictability.

In a rapidly changing world, the Modi government’s foreign policy will require much more imagination than the shock-and-awe tactics of the past two and a half years

In June this year, just after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington, a senior American official spoke of the “Modi Doctrine”, giving formal recognition to the foreign policy choices adopted by India since May 2014.

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4.South Korea at a crossroads.

When Park Geun-hye assumed office as South Korea’s first woman President in early 2013 on a wave of popularity, not many could have foreseen her impeachment on corruption charges less than four years later. Such has been the impact of the scandal that several lawmakers from her own Saenuri Party voted in favour of the impeachment resolution brought in by the opposition in Parliament.  read more

1.SC: Cauvery tribunal award comes within judicial review

The Supreme Court held on Friday that it has the jurisdiction to examine the validity of Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal’s award on sharing of Cauvery waters among Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.   read more

2.India, Trump and climate change: There may be unexpected opportunities that lie ahead

The unexpected election of President Donald Trump has prompted diplomats and governments around the world to question what to expect from the next four years.

When it comes to climate change, many environmental campaigners are alarmed. This is understandable: Trump has sent mixed signals, and we have much to learn about the new administration’s plans. But there is cause for hope, and even a potential opportunity for India.

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3.Extreme climate increasing level of toxin in crops:study.

A new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says that crops such as wheat and maize are generating more potential toxins as a reaction to protect themselves from extreme weather.  read more

1.Disabled need not stand up for Anthem:SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today modified its order on the National Anthem and exempted physically handicapped persons from standing before screening of a movie in cinema halls across the nation.
It also clarified that doors of theatres need not be bolted when the National Anthem is played.  read more

2.Are lawmakers paid to stall Parliament.

Disruption is totally unacceptable in a parliamentary system. People send representatives to speak and not to sit on dharna and create any trouble on the floor. Our honourable Parliamentarians would do well to heed President Pranab Mukherjee’s words, delivered as part of a lecture on electoral reforms on December 8. More than two weeks of the Parliament’s Winter Session have already been lost due to Opposition protests over demonetisation.  read more

3.When humans hurt animals.

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