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1.Looking beyond our own species.

Tamil Nadu’s new jallikattu law presents complex constitutional issues on how we treat animals. It raises more questions than answers, some of which are likely to be at the core of the Supreme Court’s consideration

Do animals have rights? If so, how are these rights to be administered, and against whom can they be enforced? If not, do human beings nonetheless owe an obligation to treat animals with care and compassion?

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2.Israel’s continuing land grab.

The passage of legislation by Israel that would legalise nearly 4,000 Jewish settler homes on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank flies in the face of international law and norms. That the vote comes weeks after the UN Security Council demanded that Israel stop all settlement activity in the Occupied Territories, read more

4.A shot in the arm for defence acquisition.

Full-year growth at 7.6 % will maintain India’s position as the fastest-growing major economy.  read more

4.Don't make binding concession for APEC.

Govt. moots new procurement body to simplify the purchase procedure

The government plans to set up a Defence Procurement Organisation (DPO) to integrate and streamline the long and arduous process of defence acquisitions.

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1. Where Are Oil Prices Headed?
The answer lies in a combustible mix of Mideast geopolitics and the advent of shale oil
My , hasn’t he proven to be a bull in a China shop.A ban here, an order there. America has its head spinning. But one thing he hasn’t done is revoke the US-Iran nuclear deal.

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2. Factory output contracts to 4-mth low of 0.4% in Dec.

Impacted by demonetisation, industrial production contracted to four-month low of 0.4% in December with consumer durables output plummeting by over 10% and an overall decline in manufacturing.  read more

3.Extreme climate increasing level of toxin in crops:study.

A new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says that crops such as wheat and maize are generating more potential toxins as a reaction to protect themselves from extreme weather.  read more

1.Odisha bleeds as Naveen rains freebies.

The Naveen Patnaik administration’s glib talk about an economic growth above the national average, accelerated industrial activity and improved fiscal management notwithstanding, the State’s economy is precariously perched. Its penchant to follow the path of populism at the cost of economic prudence has bled the exchequer.  read more

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