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1.’Nepotism nuked our careers’.

In 2005, almost seven years after the 1998 nuclear tests, the Indian Navy quietly sent 52 officers and over 100 sailors to Russia  read more

2.Stocktaking in the dengue war.

A decade ago, in my previous capacity at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), we published a paper, read more

3.India’s fusillade against Pak.sharpest ever.

India’s recent efforts to highlight Pakistan’s role in promoting terrorism is unprecedented, veteran diplomats have observed.  read more

4.After Agusta cloud,Embraer deal under scanner.

India has asked an explanation from the Brazilian aircraft-maker Embraer following media reports of an international investigation into the alleged payment of bribes to secure an aircraft deal in 2008.  read more

5.North says nukes are defence against U.S.

North Korea Saturday sought to justify its weapons programme as a defence against US nuclear “blackmail” as world powers debated ways to punish  read more

6.War games show off Kremlin’s iron grip on Crimea.

Large landing ships approached the shores of Crimea on Friday, simulating an invasion of the peninsula that was annexed by Moscow from Ukraine in 2014.  read more

7.China’s Brics trade pact idea finds no takers.

India and three others in the BRICS bloc — Brazil, Russia and South Africa — have cold-shouldered China’s attempt to bring to the negotiating table a proposal for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)  read more

1.India seeks info on alleged graft in $208m Embraer deal.

The $208 million jet deal with Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer during the UPA regime has kicked up dust with India seeking information from the company within 15 days read more

2.What Sanand tells about land acquisition

The Supreme Court has quashed the West Bengal government’s acquisition of land at Singur (later leased to Tata Motors), holding it was not for a “public purpose“.  read more

1.The hidden cost of death is in the air.

The latest World Bank report about the adverse affects of air pollution in India is yet another reminder that the country can afford to continue the lackluster  read more

2.Small is big as Modi connects with pint-sized nations to make G-5 walk the talk on terror.

Disruptionist diplomacy is the guerilla art of reshaping reality with ingenious moves and coups. read more

3.Where there’s way:there’s a will

Medieval Europe was one of the dirtiest places on earth. People lived in vermin-infested,read more

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