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1.India senses a chance at NSG after Vienna meet.

India senses a chance at NSG after initial meet, trying to find common ground with China by plenary read more

2.The elephant at the peace table.

In order to establish peace between India and Pakistan, two parallel conversations would have to begin: one between Pakistan’s military and its political leadership, and the other between New Delhi and the military read more

3.Growing unrest in France.

France is no stranger to strikes. But weeks-long unrest by left-leaning labour unions against the policies of a Socialist government is unprecedented read more

4.Industrial output contracts in April

A contraction in manufacturing output dragged industrial production growth back in to the negative zone in April, rekindling concerns if a turnaround has indeed taken place and also raising fresh worries over the quality of the data read more

5.Patent Office issues norms for start-ups.

Indian Patent Office has issued guidelines for facilitators and start-ups with respect to filling and processing of applications for patent, designs and trade marks aiming to encourage budding entrepreneurs and boost innovation. read more

1.Now, air pollution linked to strokes

Air pollution has been identified for the first time as a major contributor for stroke leading to death and disability , mainly in developing and middle-income countries like India read more

2.The idea of America.

Washington: Half a century ago, a woman went to the top of a nation’s political pyramid to become head of government in the world’s most populous democracy . This week, a woman for the first time became the presumptive candidate from one of the two major political parties to be running for president of the world’s most powerful democracy. Indira Gandhi and Hillary Clinton; different times, different personalities. But both had to deal with a common reality: male ire read more

3.To combat warming, CO2 is turned into stone.

Scientists have a found a quick way -but not a cheap one -to turn heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas into harmless rock read more

4.Industrial output shrinks 0.8% in Apr.

The country’s industrial output contracted for the first time in three months in April, dragged down by the manufacturing sector and a sharp decline in capital goods, consumer goods and non-durables read more

5.RBI may free up more regulatory capital.

Banks may get leeway in regulatory capital (the amount of capital banks have to hold as required by the regulator) in addition to infusion from the government read more

1.Triple Talaq: Tradition Vs Constitution

Perhaps, for the first time in our recent history, several Muslim women have come out boldly  to the Supreme Court to get enforcement of what rights the Constitution guarantees for them as for every other citizen of India read more

2.Certify Films, Don’t Censor.

The controversy over the film Udt Punjab is unfortunate, to say the least. The Central Board of Film Certification has not covered itself with glory when it suggested 89 cuts in the film and deletion of all references to Punjab read more

3.April IIP throws fresh challenges.

NEW DELHI: The country’s industrial output fell 0.8 per cent as production of capital goods shrank a whopping 24.9 per cent in April against a growth of 5.5 per cent during the same month last year read more

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