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1.Cyclone Vardah heads towards Chennai shores.

Cyclonic storm Vardah is likely to make landfall by Monday afternoon along north Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh coast, close to Chennai, accompanied by strong winds with speeds of 80 to 90 kmph. read more

2.A noble profession under pressure.

Absenteeism, extra duties and insufficient curricular materials for teachers profoundly impact the quality of education

Only a dozen children were present in a class of 40, at the junior primary school at Arauni Samshudinpur. With the reaping season at its peak, children in this nondescript village a little over 35km from Lucknow are busy helping their parents in the paddy fields and saving their family’s labour costs.

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3.Heavy cost of a policy that neglects educators.

The problem of teaching in India is both quantitative and qualitative, mired in institutional factors such as teacher shortages, local politics, corruption, and training defects; and socio-cultural factors such as caste divisions and a cynical attitude towards the profession.  read more

4.Time to blow the whistle.

Parliament is considering an amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Act which would only end up helping the corrupt. Its passage would administer a big blow to our already weak anti-corruption mechanism

As the nation engages in a doubtful “war on black money”, we run the risk of disengaging ourselves from any action on corruption, the fountainhead of black money. Indeed, we may be moving backwards in the battle against corruption. While everyone is busy debating demonetisation, Parliament is all set to change the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA), 1988, into a law that can only be described as Protection of the Corrupt Act. Worse, this move enjoys cross-party support, as in most instances where the political establishment protects itself. All in the name of war against black money, of course.

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1.Govt plans equal abortion rights for single women.

In a move that will make it easier for single women to opt for safe and legal abortion in case of unwanted pregnancy , the health ministry has recommended recognising “failure of contraceptive“ and “unplanned pregnancy“ as legal reasons for abortion among all women, irrespective of their marital status.   read more

2.2016 vs 1946: Tale of two notebandis

On November 7, a young man in Kanpur received Rs 70 lakh in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as advance for a plot of land he was selling. On November 8, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation, the man had a cardiac arrest and died.  read more

1.Modi’s model for good governance.

For the first time, after seven decades of India’s Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has built a unique coalition of a permanent new majority of voters who believe in the cherished values of our culture and the Sanatana Dharma. The prime minister has articulated a modern political ideology that could ensure good governance and ethics in the public life of the country.  read more

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