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1.Solar power breaks a price barrier.

In another barrier-breaking development, the auctioned price of solar photovoltaic (SPV) power per kilowatt hour has dropped below ₹3 to ₹2.97 in Madhya Pradesh, providing a clear pointer to the future course of renewable energy. The levellised tariff — factoring in a small annual increase for a given period of time — for the 750 MW Rewa project over a 25-year period is ₹3.29, which is less than half the rate at which some State governments signed contracts in recent years. The progress of this clean source of energy must be deepened with policy incentives, for several reasons.  read more

2.Single-point military advisor soon?

The government is keen on appointing a single-point military adviser within the year to promote synergy among the Services. The issue was discussed in detail during the recent combined commanders’ conference chaired by Prime Minster Narendra Modi. read more

3.Commerce Dept. special arm may drive foreign trade policy.

Trade strategy is now being piloted by the PMO & the External Affairs Ministry

India’s future trade (policy) model should have the Commerce Department at the helm, supported by ministries including External Affairs and Finance, while a ‘transformed’ Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) should be the apex body for all trade promotion activities for the country, according to a government-commissioned report.

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4.New Zealand beached whale crisis over.

News comes as a relief for exhausted volunteers, who spent three days comforting the animals

Whale rescuers were cautiously optimistic Sunday that the current wave of mass beachings in New Zealand was over, after hundreds of the creatures died after being stranded ashore.

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1. Beware This Oil Slick.
Before bundling all oil PSEs together, remember disastrous merger of Air India and Indian Airlines
Finance minister Arun Jaitley indicated, in his budget speech, that the government is considering bundling of all oil public sector enterprises (PSEs) into one giant unit:

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2. Govt likely to rework indirect tax structure

Perhaps in a first, the government may have to recalibrate its budgetary tax collection estimate half-way after GST comes into effect from July . In Budget 2017-18, finance minister Arun Jaitley used the traditional tool of setting a modest growth to the expected revenue collection in the current fiscal for indirect tax projections of the next financial year.  read more

1.Air India and the royal mess.

The trouble with socialism, it has been said, is that you run out of money. Well, not in India or so it seems. The truism, widely attributed to Margaret Thatcher, has been set up for a reality check.  read more

2.Government may tweak indirect tax maths mid-way after GST entry.

NEW DELHI: In a first, the government might have to recalibrate its budgetary tax collection estimate half-way after the goods and services tax (GST) comes into effect.   read more

3.New roadmap for bank recapitalisation.

NEW DELHI: ‘Indradhanush’, the central government’s scheme announced in August 2015 to revamp public-sector banks, is set to be rejigged and re-launched.  read more

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