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1.India, Indonesia resolve to fight terror.

India and Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, on Monday decided to expand their defence and maritime security ties and resolved to deal with terrorism.  read more

2.Aadhaar ID for more exams under study, says Javadekar.

After making the Aadhaar card mandatory for all candidates appearing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) to check impersonation, the government is considering extending the requirement to other competitive examinations, Human Resource and Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Monday.  read more

3.Getting the elementary arithmetic wrong.

The challenge for Activity-Based Learning is to maintain a nuanced approach toward reading comprehension

When misplaced priorities, segmented approaches and corruption govern education, schooling fails to foster knowledge. There is evidence in annual studies from the past decade that a significant percentage of children in higher elementary classes lack the basic language and arithmetic skills of Standards I and II.

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4.New learning methods,old teaching constraints.

Laminated chequered charts glisten in the daylight streaming into the doorway of the classroom. Each chart bears an array of activities – painting, singing, thinking, playing, writing, and reading -punctuated by pictorial milestones. At the end of the 21st milestone, a ladder signals successful completion of levels I and II.  read more

1.India, Indonesia want China to see `reason' in SCS disputes

In a significant formulation aimed at China, India and Indonesia officially brought up disputes in the South China Sea on Monday as they urged all parties to show utmost respect to UNCLOS, the convention establishing international legal order of the seas and oceans.   read more

2.PIL introduced 35 years ago, yet no clarity on who can file it

Three-and-a-half decades ago, the Supreme Court in S P Gupta case on December 30, 1981, broke away from legal orthodoxy to evolve a unique device ­ public interest litigation or PIL.Those involved in affairs of the poor and the voiceless could file PILs before the SC and high courts to seek protection of rights of people condemned to live on the fringe.  read more

3.War On Black Money

On November 8 Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a surprise reform to the nation: the government declared that the high-denomination 500 and 1000 rupee notes, which constituted more than 85% of currency outstanding in value, would be invalid as legal tender and could only be deposited into bank accounts until the end of the year.  read more

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