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1.Right to access internet cannot be curtailed,says SC.

Citizens have the right to access the Internet to gain information, wisdom and knowledge and their right cannot be curtailed unless it encroaches into the boundary of illegality, the Supreme Court observed on Thursday.  read more

2.Courting faith and reason.

The Challenger space shuttle exploded in 1986, killing all seven crew members. It occurred because of a design flaw in the rocket boosters of the spacecraft. read more

3.Do we need a film censor?

Censorship has no space in a mature democracy. The jury is out, though, on the kind of democracy we are.  read more

4.Banking on Teesta?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assurance to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that “only my government and your government.  read more

5.Trump flips on NATO, China.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the military alliance of the U.S., Canada, 25 European countries and Turkey, is the “the bulwark of international peace and security”, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday.  read more

6.RBI tightens norms on bank performance.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has come out with a revised prompt corrective action (PCA) framework for banks, spelling out certain thresholds, the breach of which could invite resolutions such as a merger with another bank or even shutting down of the bank..  read more

1. Staving Off The Superbugs.
High-quality water and sanitation are low-cost solutions to humanity’s gravest health threat Clean, safe and well managed water is fundamental to public health. Where water is unclean or sanitation poor, life-threatening diseases such as cholera and typhoid can take root,   read more
1.Hungary’s ‘illiberal democrat’.

As far as the proverbial man in the street is concerned, there is very little that separates the extreme right from the extreme left.T he results are the same.  read more

2.This Dynamic move might pinch consumer.

For the first time, fuel prices will be market-linked from next month. It means prices at the pump will be automatically revised daily, upwards or downwards, depending on which way international crude rates move. read more

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