14-July- 2016

the hindu
1.SC quashes Arunachal Governor’s order,Tuki takes charge as C.M

BJP-propped governmentof Kalikho Pulshown the door read more

2.Law and diplomacy on South China Sea.

As expected, Beijing lost no time in rejecting the unanimous ruling of an international tribunal at The Hague that China has no legal basis for much of its claims on the South China Sea.. read more

3.Making sense of Brexit.

It is not a blow against globalisation per se. It is a vote against greater economic integration beyond the free flow of goods, services, and capital. read more

4.Visa as the master card.

The free movement of high-skilled workers is a key concern in the India-U.S. bilateral relationship. It is time to end the discriminatory visa regime targeting Indian companies. read more

5.Many don’t have power in ‘power-surplus India’

In India, 300 million people don’t have access to electricity, power cuts are rampant and per capita power consumption is significantly lower than the world average. read more

6.Juno send first image while orbiting Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft really did reach Jupiter. read more

1.Experts: Verdict shot in the arm for India’s goals

The verdict of The Hague, rejecting China’s claims to economic rights across large swathes of the South China Sea , read more

1.Centre keeps word,minority refugees can now seek driving licence,Aadhaar.

Delivering on its 2014 poll promise, the NDA government has taken a decision to issue driving licences and Aadhar Cards to Hindus and other minorities from Pakistan,   read more

2.Why is South china sea in eyes of storm?

More that three years since the Philippines’arbitration case against china was filed. read more

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