1.`RBI's autonomy not infringed by govt'
All Consultations Under Legal Purview, Says Ministry
The finance ministry on Saturday responded to media reports on the government’s alleged infringement of the Reserve Bank’s autonomy, saying lawful or routine consultations between the government and the central bank don’t amount to infringement of its independence.

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2.Budget goodies can't sway the Indian voter.

Opposition parties have made an absurd demand to postpone the Union Budget until after the elections in UP and four other states. The Election Commission should have dismissed this plea instantly. Indian voters are far too cynical and experienced to be bought by a few pre-election goodies in the budget. The Election Commission’s code of conduct prohibits last-minute goodies to sway voters, but this must not abort vital institutional events like the Budget.  read more

1.’Unnat Bharat’ forges new ties to drive rural growth.
2. India,pre-occupied at home,is losing ground abroad; China,alert and pro-active, is gaining all around.

China has been gaining significantly in India’s neighbourhood and at India’s cost. Pre-occupied as we are with unprecedented internal schisms, setbacks in our external relations have not caught public attention.   read more

3.Crop insurance not within reach.

HYDERABAD: Agriculture insurance has a long way to go in helping farmers manage risks in farming. A lot of awareness and simplification of norms are the need of the hour, say stake holders from the sector.    read more

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