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1.Everyone accepts need to solve Tamil question, say Ranil.

Speaking to The Hindu here, an assured and cool Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe expressed confidence that the national government he leads was on a good wicket and would be able to consolidate the political and economic gains made since January 2015. He said that the project of seeing through major constitutional change would succeed, and that, as part of that process, an enduring devolution-based solution to the Tamil question would be put in place.  read more

2.RS passes Disabilities Bill with more benefits.

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed the Disabilities Bill with the list of ‘disabilities’ expanded from seven to 21 and the quantum of reservation increased for people suffering from disabilities from three per cent to four per cent in government jobs. read more

3.Green panel imposes interim ban on ‘manja’

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Wednesday imposed an interim nationwide ban on the use of glass-coated ‘manja’ for flying kites as the sharp string poses a danger to humans, animals and birds.  read more

4.Contrasting realities in primary schooling.

India is witnessing a steady upward trend in the proportion of students in primary education choosing private schools over public schools. According to the tenth Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), 30.8 per cent of rural enrolments in the 6-14 age cohort were in private schools in 2014, marking an increase of 22 per cent over eight years. read more


India and China are the world’s largest gold importers. On average India imports 60 tonnes of gold every month. Between Nov 2015 and Oct 2016, imports actually went down relative to the same period the previous fiscal How much gold came into India?   read more

2.Indonesia's Joko Widodo visits Delhi: civilisational siblings are on the road to mutual rediscovery

Political leaders, officials and academics alike tend to portray India and Indonesia as “natu ral partners“. Most of them also recognise that in contemporary times, the relationship has not been progressing to its full potential. The visit to India by President Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, reflects both recognition of this reality and the two nations’ shared desire for course correction. It has produced a reasonable outcome, fuelling optimism about the future. read more

1.Make national plan to protect children from drugs,SC tells Centre.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the Centre to complete a national survey and generate a data base within six months about the drug abuse by children saying “protecting children from wide-spread prevalence of substance abuse is one of the biggest policy challenges facing India”. read more

2.Avoidable anthem controversy.

The Supreme Court of India had asked for 52 seconds of reverence for the national anthem before two or three hours of entertainment. It ordered that the national anthem be played before the screening of movies and people should stand up during that time. This was challenged by a fi lm society from Kerala saying it might inconvenience foreign delegates at a fi lm festival. The apex court shot this down by saying foreign delegates, too, should stand up and clarifi ed that only the differently abled were exempt. Now, the 21st International Film  read more

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