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1.Post -demonetisation,GDP to grow at 6% for next five years,CMIE

The country’s GDP growth rate for the current financial year is set to slow to 6% on account of demonetisation and is expected to maintain the same rate for five years, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).  read more

2.Market regulator tightens merger norms.

SEBI aims to ensure wider public holding, prevent mergers of large unlisted firms with small ones

In a bid to safeguard the interests of the public shareholders, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has tightened the norms for merger of an unlisted company with a listed entity.

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3.It’s time to say ‘Irasshaimase’ to Japan.

The spirit of ‘welcome’ should aim to cut red tape, remove infrastructure challenges and avoid project delays in India

“Japan- India relationship is blessed with the largest potential for development of any bilateral relationship anywhere in the world”

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4. ‘We expect Budget to boost employment’

It is the time of the year when expectations about the Budget take centre-stage. While there are hopes and apprehensions on the extent to which the Budget provisions would revive investment and demand, questions abound on how the Budget can be inclusive in its approach and delineate a roadmap for creation of job opportunities.  read more

1. Running on Empty
How water might dissolve the Indian Union if it can’t resolve river disputes
Water planning in India has been on an unsustainable path for centuries. In the 16th century , Mughal Emperor Akbar decided to build a new capital in Fatehpur Sikri (City of Victory).

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2. Ring Fence RBI.
A negative effect of demonetisation has been harm to the central bank’s reputation
While one can debate the benefits and ill effects of demonetisa tion, harm to the RBI’s reputation ­ and therefore a decline in its credibility ­ belongs indisputably to the negative side of the ledger. So much so that last week the central bank’s employees, through their unions, wrote to governor Urjit Patel to protect RBI’s autonomy .

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1.Don era dawns as America wanes.

And so it begins. Or at least it will on Friday when Donald Trump stands on the steps of the US Capitol building, places his hand on The Bible and swears to protect and preserve the American constitution.  read more

2. Create INDRA, a DARPA for technology solutions to national issues.

Capital markets watchdog Sebi’s move to delist nearly 4,200 inactive firms underscores the urgent need for a spring cleaning exercise in the Indian equities market. read more

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