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1.ISRO launches 104 satellites in one go, creates history.

These include the country’s earth observation satellite Cartosat-2 series.

India, a one-rocket fledgling in space transportation compared to its European and U.S. counterparts, created launch history on Wednesday by placing a record 104 spacecraft in their desired orbits.

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2.Clouds over Maharashtra will have a silver iodide lining.

State government responds to frequent droughts in Vidarbha with a three-year cloud seeding experiment

During monsoon 2017, weather scientists will fly airplanes loaded with silver iodide over clouds hovering above Solapur, Maharashtra and begin a three-year investigation into an old question: does cloud seeding produce sufficient rain?

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3.Constitution Bench to hear Delhi-Centre spat.

A two-judge Bench of the Supreme Court referred to a Constitution Bench a series of appeals filed by the Delhi government for laying down the law on whether the Lieutenant Governor (LG) can unilaterally administer the National Capital — without being bound by the “aid and advice” of the elected government.  read more

4.The devil is in the fine print.

Electoral reforms announced in the Budget are not what they are claimed to be — they will neither cleanse our politics nor bring transparency

Given his interest in cricket, this must be called Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s ‘doosra’. His announcement on electoral reforms in his Budget speech combined an element of surprise,

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1. It's history, India sends 104 sats in single shot.
Isro Betters Russia’s Feat Of 37 In 2014
At about 10 am on Wednesday , India’s nearly 50-year-old space programme rocketed into book of records by successfully deploying as many as 104 satellites in orbit -a feat not accomplished by any country so far.

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2. Walk the Talk.
As deaths due to air pollution rise, India gasps for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to save it

Although the warning signs have been billowing in the polluted air of urban India policymakers remain strangely apathetic.The contrast with China, which has been fighting air pollution in mission mode, is stark. As a result ozone-related early deaths in India are now 33% higher than those recorded for China.And while early deaths related to PM2.5 in China have increased 17.22% since 1990, they have burgeoned 48% in India.

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3. What finance minister Arun Jaitley didn't tell you in his budget speech about the state of Indian Railway

Calls for the incorporation of the Railway Budget into the General Budget have been made over the years. However, this demotion from a full-fledged speech to a few paragraphs in the finance minister’s speech has not been without pitfalls. This year it has allowed the government to obfuscate and hide many deficiencies of Indian Railways.  read more

1.Time to invest in our youth.

This year, too, the Economic Survey did not fail to impress. It contained a solid 25-page chapter on demonetisation, probably the first such definitive account from the government, on the costs and benefits of the big bang measure of November.  read more

2.ISRO and the audacity of hope.

SRO’s incredible feat of launching 104 satellites at one go shows what the audacity of hope can do. The full import of the achievement can be understood if one goes decades back to the agency’s humble origins.  read more

3.SC refers Delhi govt-Centre row on governance to Constitution Bench.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday referred to a Constitution Bench, a batch of pleas filed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government against the Delhi High Court verdict which had held that Delhi is not a State and the Lieutenant Governor (LG) is its administrative head.  read more

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