the hindu
1. We first need a uniform criminal code.

Four recent incidents highlight a major crisis in Indian society. First, the stunning defiance of a parliamentarian soon after thrashing an airline employee. Second, the hounding of young men and women by ‘anti-Romeo police squads’. Third, the merciless killing of Pehlu Khan, by an unruly mob. And finally, the brutal assault on a Nigerian student by a murderous crowd.  read more

2.Centre to promote use of technical textiles.

Technical textiles or functional textiles, considered a sunrise sector in the country, is all set for demand taking off for products such as geo and agro textiles. read more

1. CJI as CFO? The case for judicial overreach is weak

Last month, the Te Awa Tupua river in New Zealand was recognised as a living entity with the same legal rights as a human being. A week later, our own Ganga and Yamuna got the same recognition. Now here’s a crucial difference: the Kiwi decision was taken by their government, ours by the Uttarakhand High Court. That one example neatly encapsulates Judicial Overreach, two words that now inevitably go together.  read more

1.Time to get intelligent about intelligence.

Unlike America’s CIA, Britain’s MI6 or Pakistan’s ISI, India is coy about naming its intelligence agencies.  read more

2.Silly season and the stampede of Mad Hatter notions.

American artist Andy Warhol once remarked that “in the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. It would seem there is a race on for 15 minutes of fame. read more

3.For Nabard,sustainability comes first.

“I’m a Nabardian first and I thought it’ll be fun going back to the institution from where I started,”. read more

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