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1.liquor vends on National, State highways banned.

The Supreme Court on Thursday banned States and Union Territories from granting licences for the sale of liquor along National and State highways across the country, noting that drunken driving was the main culprit behind a large number of road accidents in the country.  read more

2.Fine-tuning education for society’s youngest.

As the Army begins investigation into the deadly fire at its most important ammunition depot, questions are yet again swirling over the management of ammunition by the military. Senior Army officers are not willing to speculate on the reasons behind the fire, but it is clear that there has been a deviation from the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the installation where there is no room for errors.  read more

3.Dedicated to shaping nascent minds.

Three-year-old Rohan switches between Hindi and Malayalam. Born to parents who hail from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Hindi is his mother tongue but it is Malayalam that he uses to communicate with his peer group in the Kochi city Anganwadi that he attends for pre-primary education.  read more

4.Death in Aleppo.

For too long, we have been a passive society, deaf to Rwanda, Somalia, Syria. Our foreign policy is a piece of empty piety. Maybe Aleppo can be a first step to a more humane India

It began in a simple banal way. I had just spent a wonderful winter’s day suffering a faculty meeting and was blaming myself for having lost a sunny afternoon. I went back to my room and found my usually ebullient student stunned and in tears.

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1.Remove all ads of liquor shops along highways: Court.

The Supreme Co urt banned sale of alcohol along national and state highways and set a deadline of April 1next year to shut down all liquor shops situated at a distance of 500 metres from the edge of the highway .   read more


Of the total 22 operational nuclear reactors in the country, 14 with a cumulative capacity of 4,380 MW are under IAEA safeguards and are permitted to use imported uranium. The reactors outside this regime have to be fuelled by indigenous uranium. India has nuclear fuel supply agreements with, among others, France, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Canada and Ukraine  read more

3.Loving the Motherland

The recent Supreme Court ruling to do with paying compulsory obeisance to the national anthem at cinema halls, with protecting it from general disrespect, and proscribing its use for commercial purposes, is a green signal to thuggery . It’s a moot question as to who will benefit from this ruling. It seems it will mainly be of advantage to those looking for fresh opportunities to perpetrate violence in the name of the nation.  read more

4.India is very well cushioned to absorb Fed rate hike: CEA

The interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve will bring volatility and uncertainty in capital flows into emerging market economies, but India is very well cushioned to absorb the impact, chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian said on Thursday . read more

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