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1.Govt. clears civil aviation policy,makes flying cheaper.

In a big push to its reform agenda, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government approved the country’s first National Civil Aviation Policy for increasing air connectivity, allowing new domestic airlines to fly abroad quickly and opening up the skies for European and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. read more

2.The general drift of society.

“Write as you speak,” a wise old man once told me, “and speak as you think.” The advice, intended to guard writing from verbosity and artifice, was sound. The urge to be ‘word-perfect’ and ‘pitch-right’ can make writing an endless and self-defeating exercise. Rather like turning and turning a pencil in the sharpener’s groove to bring the lead-end to its ultimate piercing point can actually break the tip. Much the best to say it fast, keep it blunt. read more

3.India sets sights on gold in ocean.

India will sign a contract with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a United Nations organisation, later this year that will give the country exclusive rights to mine for precious metals trapped in magma on the seabed of the Indian Ocean.read more

1.Aviation policy puts small towns on the map for fliers.

NEW DELHI/ MUMBAI: You may soon be able to fly to Bikaner or Bathinda, with the government aiming to put small towns on the aviation map and capping fares at Rs 2,500 an hour for locations that have so far been untouched by air connectivity,read more

2.Black Holes is there a way out.?

Black Holes are not the eternal prisons they were once thought.read more

3.Hesitations of History.

In his landmark speech to a joint session of US Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the IndiaUS relationship had overcome the hesitations of history.Meanwhile, former foreign secretary M K Rasgotra has provided a tantalising glimpse into what might have been if those hesitations of history had been overcome, say , half a century earlier.Among other things, India would not have needed to beat desperately at the doors of the Nuclear Suppliers Group today read more

4.Tax at source clause worries e-tailers.

The draft law on goods and service tax (GST) to bring e-commerce companies under its purview is giving e-tailers such as Flipkart and Amazon India the jitters. read more

1.Who is at fault:Courts or Govt?

Recently, the Supreme Court has given directives for what types of cars should be permitted to drive in Delhi, and at what times trucks can be permitted to enter the city. The Union Finance Minister has complained that courts are over-reaching themselves, meddling with matters outside their purview, according to him, and questioned their competence too read more

2.Cabinet nod to host of proposals aims to improve ease of doing biz.

NEW DELHI: The Government on Wednesday approved a slew of decisions that will give the much-needed impetus to infrastructure sector and enhance ease of doing business in the country — with proposals like aviation policy, banking, addition national highways, agriculture, debt recovery and protection of Indian overseas labourer.read more

3.Scientists find organic molecules in outer space.

One of essential building blocks for life, the particle in question is.read more

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