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1.Triple talaq case may go to Constitution Bench.

This is the first time that aggrieved persons — individual Muslim women — themselves have approached the Supreme Court in person to settle the law on whether religious law is immune from constitutional standards enshrined in the fundamental rights. “There are so many nuances in this issue and nothing can be scuttled,” Chief Justice Khehar observed.

In this context, the Centre’s question as to “whether personal law is ‘law’ under Article 13” is significant

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2.Should election be state-funded?

State funding is a possible solution but it alone will not do away with the black money-electoral politics nexus read more

3.Story of a controversial ordinance.

The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance has been promulgated many times

The recent promulgation of the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance saw some controversy as it was the fifth time that the law was being introduced through the ordinance route.

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4.Two-state solution remains ‘only way’ for Israel-Palestine peace, insists UN.

Envoy for peace urges leaders of both sides to ‘carefully contemplate the future’

The two-state solution remains “the only way” to meet the aspirations of the Palestinians and Israelis, the UN envoy for the West Asia peace process told the Security Council on Thursday.

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1. `Widen triple talaq scrutiny to polygamy'

The Centre requested the Supreme Court on Thursday to widen the scope of scrutiny of constitutional validity of triple talaq as a mode of divorce among Muslims to include examining the legality of the practice of polygamy .   read more

2. Innovate in India

In a scientific feat, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) successfully launched a record 104 satellites into orbit at one go, shattering the previous Russian record of 37.  read more

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