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1.Modi wants 10 Crore households in tax net.

Inaugurating the two-day Rajasva Gyan Sangam here on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked senior tax officials to aim for widening the tax net from the present 5.4 crore households to 10 crore households read more

2.Middle –aged smoke and drink the most: Survey

West Bengal and Chhattisgarh had the highest proportions among people who reported to be smokers and alcohol drinkers respectively, data from the Sample Registration System (SRS) Baseline Survey 2014, released by the Registrar General of India show. read more

3.Workload of teachers restored; fresh norms for deemed varsities.

The government has decided to roll back some of the changes it recently introduced to the working conditions of college and university teachers, for which a fresh gazette notification is expected soon.  read more

4.Staying power of the pass-fail system.

Once again, it is that time of the year when the examination results season may be just ending and the admissions season is in progress, and read more

5.Weakening the watchdog.

The Delhi government has appointed 21 MLAs as parliamentary secretaries. Several other State governments have also taken this route in the past; earlier State governments in Delhi have also made such appointments, although fewer in number. This is part of a trend of weakening the power of legislative bodies by governments which has developed over the last three decades.read more

6.The culling field.

The difference of views on the killing of wild animals between a former and a sitting Environment Minister of the ruling party — one in favour, the other against — has hit the front pages read more

7.Current Account deficit contracts.

The current account deficit (CAD) for the January-March period narrowed to $ 0.3 billion, which is 0.1 per cent of the GDP as compared to $7.1 billion in the preceding quarter and $0.7  read more

1.How rivers flowing into sea bring rain inland.

CHENNAI:Thin layers of freshwater on the surface of Bay of Bengal are known to influence weather as they make the ocean surface warmer read more

2.Think Beyond Band Aids.

We live in a world where economic development and urbanisation are like Siamese twins – we cannot have one without the other. India will be no exception.read more

3.Gravitational waves detected for 2nd time.

A team of international scientists said Wednesday that they had detected gravitational waves — ripples in space and time, which Albert Einstein predicted a century ago — for the second time. read more

4.PM tells taxmen to bridge trust deficit

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged tax administrators to bridge the trust gap with taxpayers and turn mentors, read more

1.Pride and no prejudice is big tax mantra.

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Thursday urged authorities to develop a sense of pride in citizens that their tax money is being used for national development. read more

2.Farmers harvest nothing but debt,Finds govt survey.

NEW DELHI: If a government survey is to be believed, forget making money to sustain the family, an agricultural household is accumulating Rs 3,000 debt every month read more

3.CAD narrows on lower trade deficit.

MUMBAI: India’s current account deficit (CAD) narrowed sharply to $0.3 billion (0.1 per cent of GDP) in Q4 of 2015-16, significantly lower than $7.1 billion (1.3 per cent of GDP) in Q3 of 2015-16 and marginally lower than $ 0.7 billion (0.1 per cent of GDP) in Q4 of 2014-15.read more

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