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1.Time to move towards a new litigation policy.

On the occasion of the Delhi High Court’s golden jubilee in October, the Prime Minister broached the problem of excessive government litigation.  read more

2.Reaching the new normal.
3.Why air power was not used in 1962.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) recently celebrated its 84th anniversary with the usual fanfare. In a film made for the occasion, the IAF’s achievements in all the wars and rescue missions since World War II were highlighted. Its remarkable performance in the wars against Pakistan in 1947-48, 1965 and, above all, the decisive victory of 1971, was well emphasised.   read more

4.India hopes Bhutan will ratify vehicles pact.

Despite a vote in Bhutan’s National Council (NC) disallowing the sub-SAARC motor vehicle zone among Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN), India hopes Bhutan will join the grouping “at an early date”, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Thursday.  read more

1. Panel to look into NRIs, foreign missions concerns

The government has formed an interministerial committee to look into concerns expressed by NRIs, tourists from abroad and foreign missions over demonetisation, the ministry of external affairs said on Thursday . read more

2. Economic slow down likely if crisis continues, says ex-RBI governor

Demonetisation is a standard prescription in economics to curtail black money, says former RBI governor and economic adviser to Prime Minister C Rangarajan. In a chat with B Sivakumar, Rangarajan also says that unless the government takes measures to increase liquidity on a war footing and carries out reforms in taxation and governance, things may sour .  read more

1.Union Budget gets a much needed makeover.

Union Budget 2018 is getting a makeover. Breaking the decades-old tradition, it will be presented on February 1 instead of the last working day of February. By advancing the date, the government intends to complete the exercise, including the passing of The Finance Bill and Appropriation Bill in Parliament before April, the onset of a new financial year. Currently, though the Budget is presented in February, it’s only in May that the Finance Bill, involving tax changes and expenditure details, is passed. Saving this time could lead to better execution.  read more

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