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1.Disquiet on the western front

In April this year, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs constituted a Committee to Strengthen Border Protection (CSBP) with a mandate “to study all types of gaps in fencing and all other vulnerabilities read more

2.Thailand’s new Constitution

The struggle to define the terms of Thailand’s democracy  has been viscerally fought over the past decade and a half, read more

3.Avoiding the ‘Copycat Trap’ on Balochistan

One of the first things beginners in chess are told to avoid is the “Copycat Trap”. read more

4.The Judges’ dilemma

Amelia Edith Barr, the British novelist, said, “Human relations are built on feeling, not on reason or knowledge. read more

5.Uniting the divided world order

Multilateralism is fraying at the edges. While global problems, requiring effective global coordination, abound,read more

6. In a first juvenile to be tried as adult in gang-rape case

In a first instance in rape cases, the Juvenile Justice Board here on Wednesday asked a child in conflict with law (CCL) to face trial as an adult for allegedly  read more

1.Apex court to fall under RTI ambit?

A constitution bench will examine whether the Supreme Court comes within the ambit of Right to Information Act, read more

2.Consumer protection bill still on backburner

The wait for consumers to be crowned `king’ is getting longer with the much-hyped bill expected to prevent unfair trade practices continuing to be in the backburner a year after it was introduced in the Lok Sabha. read more

3.CIC dismisses appeal over info on dropped Army intel unit

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has dismissed an appeal that sought disclosure of an internal Army report on the now-disbanded intelligence unit, read more

4.Monsoon Uninterrupted

The monsoon session of Parliament that concluded last week has shown remarkable productivity, read more

5.What deterrence theory says: How to rescue India from anarchy unleashed by rule of the mob

Where does India stand in the game of deterrence, both internal and external? read more

1.No cap on lawyers becoming SC judges

Days after Chief Justice of India T S Thakur blamed the Centre for stalling the judges’ appointments to High Courts, read more

2.Juvenile board waqnts adult trial for ‘rapist’ teen

In a first order of its kind, the Juvenile Justice Board(JJB) has directed that a teenager would face trial as an adult in heinous offence read more

3.Existential Threat to Pakistan

Where does one draw the line between a threat, any threat, and one that may not be just another threat? read more

4.Matters of the south

SAARC has potential to uplift its members and promote regional cooperation but it is plagued by problems of policy implementation. read more

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