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1.Challenge of ageing with dignity.

India’s rapidly ageing population may soon outweigh the demographic dividend of a young workforce. Unless attitudes towards the elderly improve and the government increases resources for their care, India is staring at the prospect of a generational socioeconomic crisis. This is the first of a four-part series

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2.We need democracy because people can be wrong.

It’s the only political system that allows us to regularly check the mistakes we make, bloodlessly, and correct them

The people are always right. No? Ah, but then they vote for leaders like Donald Trump and… Oh well, we can add to the list, internationally and nationally!

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3.What the courts miss in the Constitution.

A distinctive feature of Indian secularism is that it rejects the ‘wall of separation’ but demands that the state keep a ‘principled distance’ from all religions

Indian secularism continues to be misunderstood. Its nuance, complexity and distinctiveness remain painfully elusive.

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4.GST Council clears Compensation Law.

NEW DELHI: The Goods and Services (GST) Council on Saturday cleared the final version of the Compensation Law which seeks to stipulate the manner in which states will be recompensed in the event of a loss due to the implementation of GST, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said following the Council’s meeting in Udaipur.  read more

1. Revenue loss law gets GST council approval.

The prospect of the rollout of the Goods and Services Tax by July 1 brightened on Saturday with the GST council approving a draft law that seeks to compensate states fully in case of revenue loss as a result of the tax reform. read more

2. Global headwinds will drag us down to 6-7% GDP growth.

Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as US president signify deep structural issues that cannot be resolved by curbs on migrants, imports or any quick fix. The ele phant in the room is falling Western productivity .  read more

1.Without police reforms powerful own the truth.

Justice is blind. The enforcers of justice, however, are cockeyed. Over a decade after the 2005 bombings in Delhi in which 67 died, the court acquitted two men last week, lamenting that the prosecution had “miserably failed”.  read more

2.The return of the bad penny: Merger of oil PSUs.

There is a certain kind of predictability about some ideas. No matter how emphatic the rejection, they make a comeback—it is almost as if bad ideas have a homing device embedded in them.   read more

3.Draft GST compensation Bill passed.

NEW DELHI: In what could speed up the rollout of the goods and services tax (tax) by July 1, 2017, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley-led GST Council met in Udaipur on Saturday and agreed on the draft of the compensation Bill that looks into how much states should be paid for the losses they would incur once GST is implemented.  read more

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