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1.Home is where the care is.

Recent years have witnessed a slew of real estate projects mushrooming across the country, catering to the burgeoning demand for retirement homes. Yet the quality of accommodation options for the elderly varies significantly depending on income levels.

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2.Upsetting a very fine balance.

Three recent instances invite disturbing questions about the transformation of the Supreme Court

Sixty-seven years ago, the framers of our Constitution made a simple — yet radical — choice. They decided to trust the Indian people. The Indian Constitution, with its guarantee of universal adult suffrage, transformed colonial subjects into free and independent citizens, who were to use their own reason in governing themselves.

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3.Speak in our own voice.

Why India must keep charge of its bilateral engagement with its largest neighbour

In mid-January, a week before he resigned as U.S. Ambassador to India, Richard Verma held an unusual dinner at his residence, inviting the Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju as well as the Sikyong, or Leader of the Tibetan ‘Government in Exile’. It was a small sit-down event, and was clearly no ‘accidental meeting’.

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4.Currency in India: from more to less.

Keynes’s 1913 book explains how paper currency was introduced and its use encouraged

The powers that be in India have done a full flip. From trying to encourage people to use more currency notes,

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1. India eyes bigger role in Asean region.

As the US-China relationship becomes fraught with tension, Asia is doing what it does best -looking for balancing powers to hedge against both an aggressive China and an uncertain America.   read more

2. Soon, govt to bring shield for farmers from volatile prices.

In a move intended to protect farmers against price volatility , particularly in perishables like onions, tomatoes and potatoes, the Niti Aayog is drawing up a model law on contract farming for approval by the Cabinet by June. read more

1.Meanwhile in Europe, a new battle starts.

Mind the Gap. Three very familiar monosyllabic words for anyone who has travelled on the London Underground. The taped announcement is a warning to beware of the potentially dangerous space between the railway carriages and the platform. But it has a political meaning too. Any political novice will also tell you to mind the gap. Look for the space that isn’t being filled by the other parties and plug it—fast.  read more

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