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1.Not clear if bull-taming practice evolved into jallikattu:Historian.

Rock paintings from Karikkiyur in Kotagiri, dating back to the period between 3500 and 1500 BC, depict some sort of a bull-taming or bull-chasing exercise being carried out by the early settlers in the Nilgiris. It was this practice that transformed into the modern sport of jallikattu, according to art historian K.T. Gandhi Rajan.  read more

2.WhatsApp governance works wonders for Bengaluru.

Although the app has become a tool to cut through the red tape and drive change, there is the fear that governance is over-responsive to one section

: Last year, when a woman went on her morning walk in north Bengaluru, two men on a motorbike accosted her and snatched her gold chain. She posted the details of the incident on a local WhatsApp group, which comprises beat policemen and residents

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3.Unions seek higher tax exemption.

Trade unions on Saturday called for an increase in the minimum personal income tax exemption limit to Rs. 5 lakh during their pre-Budget consultative meeting with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.  read more

4.India-U.S.clean energy cooperation will go on.

“Very little will change. Coal is not coming back in the U.S. regardless of what Republicans say,” says Amos J. Hochstein, Special Envoy, Bureau of Energy Resources at the Department of State.

The change in the United States administration will not have any impact on India-U.S. cooperation in the field of renewable energy, a high-ranking official in the Obama administration has said..  read more

1. Decoding state funding of elections

This means that government gives funds to political parties or candidates for contesting elections. Its main purpose is to make it unnecessary for contestants to take money from powerful moneyed interests so that they can remain clean. For this to happen, state funding needs to be accompanied by strict accounting and transparency. In some countries, state funding is extended to meeting some specific forms of spending by political parties, not confined to electioneering alone. Countries keep changing laws relating to state funding depending on experience and financial condition. read more

2. Roadmap to operationalise Paris accord laid out in Morocco

An important marker of progress in climate negotiations post the Paris accord, COP22 at Marrakesh, concluded here early Saturday morning with negotiators from over 190 countries setting a deadline of 2018 to finalize the rule book which would turn pledges made in Paris into action.  read more

3. Why small finance faces a big wipeout

The media generally believes that demonetisation has been a political success, that it has put opposition parties on the back foot, and won the hearts of millions who think Modi is the only politician willing to take tough decisions to hit black money . Middle-class folks standing in long queues mostly seem willing to suffer a bit for a great cause.  read more

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