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1.Grappling with water disputes.

Apermanent tribunal to adjudicate river water disputes between States will undoubtedly be a vast improvement over the present system of setting up ad hoc tribunals. The Union Cabinet’s proposal to have a permanent tribunal that will subsume existing tribunals is expected to provide for speedier adjudication. But whether this will resolve the problem of protracted proceedings is doubtful. Given the number of ongoing inter-State disputes and those likely to arise in future,  read more

2.The world according to Trump.

The pronouncements and appointments of the U.S. President-elect suggest the balance of outcomes may be positive for New Delhi, but it is early days yet.

It is now a month since the U.S. presidential elections and the surprise win of Donald Trump, a rank outsider. His political predilections were ambiguous and it was not clear whether,

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3.Draining the swamp

Billions of people share, interact and discuss issues on social networks and message boards. The great hope is that these sites will help spread knowledge, share different viewpoints, and make people better informed.  read more

4.States need to buck up.

Policies for water, sanitation and hygiene need to be strengthened, particularly at the State level

Policy priorities evolve or change with time. As we transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are taking policy centre stage in most emerging and developing countries. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is, for instance, a manifestation of this importance. One vexing situation has been the large disparities in access to WASH services across different segments of the population.

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1.Parties give thumbs up to EC's proposal on unnamed donations

Sharp differences over demonetisation saw the winter session of Parliament being a complete washout but the BJP and opposition parties were on the same page on the Election Commission’s recommendation that anonymous contributions of Rs 2,000 and above to political parties be banned. read more

2.Cut Through The Fog

Pakistan’s citizenry are trapped in a delusional self-perception and view of India, which prevents them from making rational analyses of relations between the two countries. In meetings with the Pakistani elite, an Indian will just have to smile his way through because debating and arguing rationally isn’t something the other side likes to engage in.  read more

1.Tune in to Mann Ki Baath.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s decision to demonetise high denomination notes, his political opponents have been accusing him of acting recklessly and taking a momentous decision without adequate thought or preparation, thereby disrupting the lives of millions of Indians, ruining small businesses and causing long-term harm to the Indian economy.  read more

2.Finding species which were undiscovered.

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