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1.India sticks to diplomatic offensive

A day after the attack on an Army base in Uri, the government on Monday stepped up a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan to have it declared a global “terrorist state”,   read more

2.One third of total maternal deaths in 2015 happened in India: Report

The latest Lancet series on maternal health reveals that nearly one quarter of babies worldwide are still delivered in the absence of a skilled birth attendant. read more

3.Equality before uniformity

Two intertwined topics that have recently reclaimed their place in news headlines are the Uniform Civil Code (UCC),  read more

4.The road from Brastislava

Unity and cohesion were conspicuously absent at the Bratislava castle where the EU 28 minus 1 met to discuss the post-Brexit world.  read more

5.The two NSAs must meet

The fidayeen attack, reportedly by Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists, on an Army camp in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday morning is a very serious provocation.  read more

6.Donald Trump, a contrarian view

India has an old love affair with the Democrats in the United States, but the Republican Presidents and legislators have done more for India-U.S.  read more

7.Putin tightens control with big win for ruling party

Vladimir Putin won even greater supremacy over Russia’s political system after the ruling United Russia party took three quarters of the seats in Parliament in a weekend election,  read more

8.GST notification triggers uncertainty over excise duty

If you bought a car or any other goods over the weekend, you could legally expect a refund of the component that went to pay the excise duty on it,  read more

1.Can SC citizens’ right to protest against its order?

Right to freedom of speech and expression guarantees individuals the liberty to express themselves, read more

2.How India led NAM post-WWII

The end of the War gave birth to a new conflict. British dominance was over and the world was poised to see the rise of two new superpowers and their mutual conflict caused   read more

3.A Campaign of Terror

Feigning outrage at the killing of Pakistan-backed Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani,   read more

4.Wasting water: India needs economic incentives, technology and regulations to tackle water stress

Two disquieting developments have foregrounded India’s growing water crisis. read more

5.After attack in Uri staged by Pakistan, how can India hold a rogue state accountable?

In an article in Dawn, published just hours before ‘Uri’ happened, Munir Akram, a former Pakistani ambassador to the UN, read more

1.In bid to end ‘corruption’ in MCI, Centre eyes Medical Council Bill

After getting Parliamentary nod to GST Bill, the Narendra Modi government has set eyes on the next big reform  read more

2.The ships are not built for the harbours

After getting Parliamentary nod to GST Bill, the Narendra Modi government has set eyes on the next big reform read more

3.India-Pak clash at NAM summit

Is India distancing itself from the Non-Aligned Movement? That was the first question raised when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced read more

4.Why is Arctic sea ice decreasing while Antartica sea ice is not?

Sea ice extent is affected by winds and ocean currents as well as temperature.read more

5.Putin shows who’s the boss with a crushing victory in Russian poll

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Monday hailed a vote for “stability” after his ruling party won arecord number of seats at parliamentary polls amid read more

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