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1.Why public land for places of worship, ask SC.

Is it justified for a secular government to part with acres of public land for construction of religious places of worship?  read more

2.Catching a sport by its horns.

Irrespective of the legislative, judicial or political outcome, there is no doubt that pro-jallikattu protesters have won the day. But this triumphal moment also calls for introspection

The Tamil word for ox and cattle, ‘maadu’, also means wealth. As the great book of wisdom, the Tirukkural, emphatically asserts, education is the real ‘maadu’.

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3.Living in a hotter world.

The world has turned the page on 2016 with the worrying revelation that it was the warmest year on the instrumental record since the late 19th century, and the hottest of three record-breaking years in a row.  read more

4.Centre shifts disinvestment advice to new department.

In keeping with its ongoing efforts to streamline the disinvestment process, the government transferred the role of advising the government on how to utilise the proceeds from disinvestment from the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) to the Department of Economic Affairs.  read more

1. Can govt gift land to religious bodies? SC to hear petition.

The Supreme Court decided on Friday to address whether a government in a secular democracy like ours could allot land free of cost to a community for construction of a religious institution like temple, mosque or church? read more

2. India to induct 2 new conventional submarines in 2017

he Navy aims to induct two new dieselelectric submarines within this year, in a much-needed boost to its depleting underwater combat arm after a long gap of 17 years.  read more

3. Democracy, Redefined

Presidents come, presidents go. As do prime ministers in parliamentary systems. But can liberal democracy, once it has established firm roots,  read more

4. Sebi may tighten P-Note guidelines, says Sinha

Sebi chairman U K Sinha said on Friday the market watchdog may further tighten rules governing Participatory Notes (P-Notes), which are a financial derivative product used by foreign investors to bypass the regulatory system when entering the Indian market.  read more

1.Single-Minded protestors hit Bullseye.

An impromptu agitation by thousands of non-partisan youth managed to bulldoze all opposition to the conduct of Jallikattu, the traditional bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu, and gave everyone, including politicians, a lesson or two about how to be single-minded in achieving the goal.  read more

2.Cash Crunch in rural areas to normalise soon,Patel tells PAC

NEW DELHI: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Friday that the cash crunch post-demonetisation will normalise soon. Explaining the note ban to the PAC members, Patel told them the efforts are being made to normalise cash crunch in rural areas.   read more

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