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1.Sabarimala case for Constitution Bench?

SC asks petitioners to suggest legal questions on women’s entry issue for the Bench to answer

Indicating that it will refer the Sabarimala temple entry restriction on women of a certain age to a Constitution Bench, the Supreme Court on Monday said

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2.Blending humaneness with healthcare solutions.

With India’s ongoing demographic shifts, the number of elderly persons in poverty is increasing rapidly, yet many among this group are unable to access basic healthcare. The third part of the series argues that greater resource planning and institutional reforms are necessary to correct this state of disequilibrium

S. Raymond, a senior citizen and an amputee is one of the more recent members of the “family” at the Pope Paul Mercy Home in Nanjanad, Udhagamandalam.

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3.The writing is on the wall.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to stay the new piece of legislation passed recently by the Tamil Nadu Assembly may have been a relief for jallikattu supporters, but it came with the reminder to the State government  read more

4.A brave new self-help world.

While it is easy to laugh off or flatly dismiss U.S. President Donald Trump’s ‘un-American’ policies, a closer look at the larger context of his actions, articulations and their potential implications  read more

1. SC to decide whether to refer Sabarimala issue to larger bench

The Supreme Court reserved its order on Monday whether the legality of the age-old practice of barring entry to women between the ages of 10 and 50 years into Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple should be adjudicated by a Constitution bench.   read more

2. More Accountability

Following an order last week by drug price regulator NPPA to cap the price of coronary stents there are reports that some manufacturers have withdrawn premium stents. A single shot reduction in maximum selling price by over 75% in case of some products has led to shortages. The new price regulations were preceded by numerous instances of profiteering and extensive discussions between NPPA and industry .  read more

3. The Trumping of Neutrality

Those who read accounts of President Donald Trump’s 75-minute press conference on February 16 may well have concluded that it was “surreal“ (a headline description in a New Yorker column) and characteristic of the dysfunctional administration that now governs the United States.Some pundits even went so far as to call the exercise “insane“.  read more

1.Where do the children play.

Change, we are told, is the only constant. Rapid advances in technology, particularly over the past few decades have changed our lives for the better, empowering us in ways unthinkable barely a generation ago.  read more

2.Education is not just about math.

The success of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan in enrolling almost 98 per cent of all children of school going age has shifted the focus of education to the question of quality. The need for emphasis on quality has been recognised by both educationists and the government. Last year’s Draft National Education Policy has a strong emphasis on pedagogy, learning outcomes and teacher training.  read more

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