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1. Framing the right prescription.

Strategic shifts are needed in the level of government control on the financing and provision of health

India spends close to 5% of its GDP on health. While this may appear low when compared to 18% of the U.S., data show that Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries spend 8-11%, middle-income countries close to 6%, and India’s peers,

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2. Kishenganga off the menu in Indus talks.

But India, Pak. hold ‘frank discussions’ on other schemes

India and Pakistan began discussions on the Indus Water Commission on Monday after 22 months amid optimism that the meeting may lead to resumption of the composite dialogue between the neighbours.

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1. To India's Health.
New health policy has some of the right emphases, but it must ensure outcomes
Responding to a situation where the average Indian pays 70% of healthcare costs incurred from his own pocket ­ this share is only 15% in Denmark, 18% in the UK, 52% in the US and 44% in China ­ the national health policy approved by the Union Cabinet last week plans to ensure universal coverage and quality services at affordable cost.

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