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1.Madhya Pradesh to devise Happiness Index.

Happiness, its pursuit and examining its essential nature have been considered the domain of philosophy, an ephemeral rather than tangible value.   read more

2.The lowdown on the Real Estate Regulation Act.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act or RERA is a law that seeks to regulate and standardise the real estate sector, where the need for uniform guidelines and transparency has been felt for long.. read more

1. Don't go for pricey foreign N-power plants when solar's going dirt-cheap

Forget the Bush-Manmohan Singh vision of a nuclear power renaissance. Recent developments -cheap solar power plus the bankruptcy of Westinghouse -call for a total overhaul of nuclear plans that now look obsolete, dangerous and ultra-costly .. read more

2. Why we're more achhe today than three years ago

Three years, in a five-year term, is a reasonable time for assessing any government. It gives us a clear sense of what has been achieved and what more can possibly be done in the remaining 18 months before the political class shifts to campaign mode.  read more

1.The Promise of 100 New Cities and Messed Opportunity.

This Sunday, the Modi Sarkar completes 1,091 days in office, and three years on May 26. .  read more

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