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1.DRDO still aims for Kaveri in LCA.

Kaveri, the indigenous aeroengine with over 25 years’ chequered story, may after all fly on the indigenous LCA fighter as was originally planned.  read more

2.In an age of disruptive politics.

Donald Trump might have been the wrong man, but he was at the right place at the right time. His victory has a message for democracies elsewhere and for Indian foreign policy read more

3.Getting real on climate.

The UN conference on climate change held in Marrakech, with an emphasis on raising the commitment of all countries to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is particularly significant as it provided an opportunity to communicate concerns about the future climate policy of the U.S. It would be untenable for the U.S.,  read more

4.Growth between 7 and 8% likely,says Panagariya.

NITI Aayog vice-chairman Arvind Panagariya has said that the Indian economy will grow between 7 per cent and 8 per cent for 2016-17.  read more

1. Revenge No Development Strategy

At a time when populist nationalism is confusing ideological battle lines across the world, no nation is more confused than India. Politics here divides into camps for and against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and this is once again evident in the reaction to the demonetisation plan. Ironically , Modi’s enemies on the left find no merit in this scheme to apparently soak the rich, and his supporters on the right see no reason to question this clumsy exercise of state power. read more

2. After Marrakech

As the curtains came down on the Marrakech UN climate summit or COP 22 last week, the world is still grappling with the task before it. The Marrakech conference was supposed to lay the foundation for implementing the historic Paris Accord inked last year, that had seen the international community pledge to restrict the rise in global average temperature to below 2°C.However, much of the conference was overshadowed by the election of Donald Trump ­ a known climate sceptic ­ as the next US president. This saw the conference adopt the Marrakech Action Proclamation which had participating delegates reaffirm their commitment to the Paris agreement and state the irreversibility of climate action.  read more

3. GST: Centre, states fail to agree on jurisdiction

The Centre and states failed to reach consensus over who would audit and assess taxpayers once the goods and service tax (GST) rolls out and have agreed to meet again on November 25 to resolve the issue.  read more

1.Financial Pokhran hits neighbours.

Demonetization has impacted our neighbours too. And no, we are not talking about Pakistan, where government printing presses churn out counterfeit Indian currency bills to undermine the Indian economy and help fund terror. Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even Bhutan are nations where signifi cant amounts of Indian currency is held and circulated.  read more

2.Cash crisis:Who to blame can wait,what must be done can’t.
3.Months of Mayhem

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