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1.Time for a policy shift.

The unorganised manufacturing sector should be reoriented towards non-household units to provide efficiency gains.

Ever since E.F. Schumacher, a British economist, published in 1973 his book Small is Beautiful, implying that small units are better in terms of performance indicators and labour absorption, several studies have endorsed the same idea and argued in favour of promoting small units. Stretching the argument a little further, it may be emphasised that small units are the epicentres of pro-poor growth.

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2.Leopards in a spot.

There are legal and ethical issues related to how we deal with wild animals which venture into human-dominated landscapes.

In a landmark decision in 2014 prohibiting the bull-taming sport, Jallikattu, the Supreme Court held that “animal has also honour and dignity which cannot be arbitrarily deprived of and its rights and privacy have to be respected and protected from unlawful attacks” (Animal Welfare Board of India v. A. Nagaraja). Unfortunately, in November, ignoring the very same rights accorded by the court, some residents of Mandawar village near Gurugram clubbed a leopard to death. A few days back, the Delhi Forest Department trapped a young leopard on the fringes of the Yamuna Biodiversity Park. They will most probably send it to Saharanpur.

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3.India,Kyrgyzstan seek a global pact terror.

India and Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday finalised plans for joint military exercises in the New Year, and reiterated the need for a global convention against terrorism. Visiting President Almazbek Atambaev highlighted the common historical heritage, and sought cooperation to deal with current global challenges like terrorism.  read more

4.Key rural sectors need attention due to demonetisation’

India’s interest in becoming an APEC member is likely to come up for discussion between MEA officials and their American counterparts during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to the U.S. this month.  read more

1.One Nation, Two Elections
How to stop parties from always being in campaign mode and get them to govern
There is much to be proud of in the democracy that India has become, not only the world’s largest but also its most diverse.Over the decades, we have disproved the many critics who doubted India could remain democratic. But despite this success, our republic suffers from a worrisome shortcoming: too much campaigning, too little governance.

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2.Lead by Example.
To curb black money at its root, make all political funding cashless and digital
As citizens are subjected to the unrelenting grind of demonetisation, they are told this is in the interest of digitising India and ridding it of black money . To make this argument more convincing than it is currently , the Modi government must address the very fount of corruption and black money in our society: political funding. As an Election Commission background paper points out, money used to fund political parties or candidates in a non-transparent manner undermines the core principles of democracy . The rot begins here. It follows, therefore, that digital sanitisation must begin here too.

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.Can life term be ‘rigorous’? SC to consider.

NEW DELHI: Can the word ‘rigorous’ be added by courts when they award life imprisonment? The Supreme Court has agreed to examine the question whether courts are statutorily empowered to make life
imprisonments tougher for convicts by adding “rigorous” (harsh) to life sentence as the law does not provide for this.  read more

2.Notes ban is not a good move.

The government’s recent steps to demonetise Indian currency and offer frequent Voluntary Disclosure of Income Schemes show its inability and failure to tackle the basic causes of black money and strictly enforce the rule of law.  read more

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