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1.Transporting a magnificent edifice back to the 17th century.
 Like all rulers of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth king and founder of Hyderabad, also built his tomb when he was alive. read more
2.Governing the Governor.

The Supreme Court verdict in the Arunachal case leaves no doubt that the Governor is a mere figurehead. read more

3.Combat-ready but lightweight.

Tejas is not a fifth-generation fighter jet. But now may be the time to count the blessings.  read more

4.How to get the weave right.

The government must target labour market rigidities to maximise gainful employment in the textile sector.read more

1.Erdogan’s Purge

In increasingly worrying signs, Turkey’s ongoing crackdown against those behind last week’s failed coup attempt has already seen more than 50,000 people being detained, sacked or suspended from their jobs. ,read more

2.Seventh pay commission like those before it, manages to bloat India’s privileged bureaucracy further.

Why has the government chosen to shoot itself in the foot by deferring the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendation on allowances for further scrutiny?read more

1.Pak fishing in troubled waters.

Pakistan’s attempt to internationalise the situation in the Kashmir Valley is aimed at fishing in troubled waters. read more

2.What really Ails Nawaz Sharif?

There’s a sequel to the hugely popular joke on Pakistan’s social media of last month about Nawaz having a heart attack because of Modi’s smart diplomacy with Iran and Afghanistan.  read more

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