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1.States to be consulted on BC panel Bill.

A select committee of the Rajya Sabha looking into a Bill according constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission, a cause close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s heart  read more

2.Trading away our digital rights.

Global trade treaties are no longer just about reducing tariff. They represent a whole new global legal system supplanting national policy space and sovereignty, in the interest of global big business. read more

3.Should we privatise water?

Privatisation of water is unwarranted, unjustified and unnecessary. In pushing for it, we are not really addressing the key issue plaguing the water sector, which is a need for better governance.  read more

4.A red light to privilege.

Red beacons are synonymous with the “Raj mentality” and are the “antithesis of the concept of a Republic”, the Supreme Court held in 2013.  read more

1. Renaming will not make illegal occupation legal, India to China

After China renamed six Indian towns in Arunachal Pradesh, the government Thursday hit back saying that the state was always going to remain an integral part of India.  read more

2. Bio-equivalence tests for generic drugs mandatory.

In an effort to ensure generic medicines have the same quality and efficacy as their branded counterparts, the health ministry has made it mandatory for any drug to conduct bio-equivalence studies or tests in India before they are launched in the market.  read more

3. China Takes A Hand

It is obvious that the situation in Jammu & Kashmir has deteriorated significantly between last year and now, with the army and police fighting Pakistan-based jihadis and stone pelters with their backs to the wall.  read more

4. States' fiscal indiscipline worries monetary panel

Minutes of the monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting released by the RBI on Wednesday have revealed that a major concern was the undoing of the central government’s fiscal discipline by state governments through loan waivers.  read more

1.Liquor ban: A Judicious overreach.

The driver is safer when the roads are dry; the roads are safer when the driver is dry” aptly narrates the enormity of the menace of drunken driving.  read more

2.The dangers of going growth first.

After a slight blip following the demonetisation disruption, global agencies like the IMF and World Bank have reinstated India’s fastest emerging economy tag with growth pegged anywhere between 7.2 and 7.7 per cent for this fiscal and the next. read more

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