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1. Why force people to get Aadhaar,SC asks Centre.

The Supreme Court on Friday questioned the Centre’s logic to make Aadhaar card mandatory for filing income tax returns, asking whether this would act as a remedy to end the generation of fake Permanent Account Number (PAN) and ration cards.  read more

2. Waiting for the Lokpal.

In a hearing recently regarding non-operationalisation of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, more than three years after the law was enacted. read more

1. SC: Not all `insults' to religion are offences

In an important pronouncement that reiterates the constitutional protection to freedom of speech and expression, the Supreme Court has said that unwitting or careless “insults“ to religion should not be prosecuted as this would amount to misuse of the law, read more

2. Aadhaar for PAN: SC to rule on validity of order.

The Supreme Court said on Friday it would examine the validity of the Centre’s decision to make Aadhaar mandatory for PAN cards and for filing income tax returns.  read more

3. Govt needs to change from being a regulator to an enabler: Modi

PM Narendra Modi took a dig at “stone-pelters“ for targeting security forces, reminding them that it was the Army which came to the aid of Jammu and Kashmir civilians in the time of a natural disaster.  read more

4. Diplomatic efforts can't be under judicial oversight: SC

Year-long proceeding in the Supreme Court on PILs seeking repatriation of the Kohinoor diamond from the UK exemplified how parameters of judicial scrutiny are directly linked to a judge’s individual perception, which many feel is the reason for asymmetric judicial pronouncements in similar cases.  read more

5. Even after 100 yrs, Mahatma Gandhi's Champaran methods remain relevant

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s struggle to bring succour to distressed peasants forced to cultivate indigo in Bihar’s Champaran district happened exactly 100 years ago, but social scientists and researchers feel his methods remain relevant, even desirable, in today’s fractured times.  read more

6. When Small Is Not Beautiful

Units that begin their lives in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector must want to grow up and leave the nursery one day .  read more

7. FY16 remittances to India drop 8.9%: WB

Notwithstanding a significant 8.9% drop in remittances to India in 2016, the country retained the top spot among remittances receiving nations, according to a World Bank report.  read more

1.Cleaning fiery lake not a choice.

The Bellandur lake is Bengaluru’s biggest water body. But size is not what is notable about the 800-acre lake.  read more

2.Ambedkar’s vision of democracy.

Liberal democracy is said to be facing an existential crisis in the age of Trump, Brexit and rising incendiary politics across the globe. read more

3.Mandatory or not?

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