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1.Green energy target tough,say officials.

The government is unlikely to meet its much publicised target of 175 GW (gigawatt = 1,000 megawatt) of renewable energy by 2022 due to the poor progress of the rooftop solar programme, according to officials in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy..  read more

2.An opportunity being drained away.

Each year a specific aspect of water is highlighted while observing International World Water Day (March 22); this year’s theme was “wastewater”, which is defined as any water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influences and as a result of domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural activities.. read more

3.Coal comeuppance

It is arguably the logical consequence of the 2014 Supreme Court order declaring all coal block allocations made since 1993 illegal and arbitrary..  read more

4.Gender equality,the freedom struggle way.

In this time of toxic masculinity, we must recognise and learn from the successes of the past..  read more

5.Defence deals await private firms.

The Union government will unveil mega defence deals estimated at over Rs. 1.5 lakh crore involving the private sector under the strategic partnership model to build a domestic defence manufacturing base in key areas such as submarines and fighter aircraft..  read more

6.Mapping the universe with quasar positions

Astronomers have created the first map of the large-scale structure of the universe based entirely on the positions of quasars..  read more

1. A Vote For Reform.

In crucial elections in Iran, incumbent reformist President Hassan Rouhani has decisively won a second term in office with 57% of the total number of votes., read more

1.New Delhi’s Answer to OBOR.

African Development Bank (AfDB) starts its 52nd annual general meeting in Gandhinagar today.  read more

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