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1.The age of post-truth politics.

It isn’t just the U.S., the climate of blatant lies has permeated politics worldwide. Perhaps it is not that truth is irrelevant for politics but what is needed is a theory of truth that fits politics  read more

2.DRS clears the test.

India has a fascinating history with the Decision Review System. It was involved in its conception, was one of the first two countries to put it to trial, and then became the only nation to refuse to use it in bilateral engagements. The DRS was a result of the Sydney Test of 2008, in which consistently poor umpiring created a fractious atmosphere, read more

3.Quick fixes for deep-rooted issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced a plan to withdraw high-denomination banknotes from circulation. He said he was launching a war on black money, corruption and terror financing. Many rushed to call this move a “masterstroke” and a “surgical strike” on black money. The conversation soon turned to India transitioning to a cashless economy.  read more

4.The buck stops with the States.

There have been arguments offered in the recent past claiming a dilution of the land acquisition law through misuse of constitutional provisions. Any criticism must take into account the spirit behind the exceptions.  read more

1. Over 11k NGOs may get another chance to renew FCRA licence

The home ministry is considering giving a fresh chance to the 11,319 NGOs whose registration under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) was deemed cancelled from November 1 after they failed to apply in time for renewal of licence. read more

2. India open to dealing with banned arms cos

Under its new liberalized blacklisting policy for arms companies, India will now be open to doing business even with a banned firm if there is no alternative available to its weapon system or equipment in the market.  read more

3. Clean Air To Breathe

Over the past month, 20 million residents of the National Capital Region have shaved off at least some part of their life expectancies by breathing in this region’s poisonous air. Not only is this one of the most pressing public health disasters of our time, it can also chokehold major initiatives of this government such as the “Make in India“ campaign and the Ease of Doing Business rankings being promoted internationally .  read more

4. SMART policing can only happen if the neta-babu stranglehold is released

The friendly neighborhood policewoman and policeman is often seen as not so friendly ­ but corrupt, insensitive, inefficient, beyond any accountability, partisan. Of course there are also several examples of police displaying the highest standards of probity and professionalism.But in the absence of robust systems and processes, coupled with the ability of unscrupulous persons to manipulate, subvert and even criminalise the system, the good work that gets done is easily eclipsed. Only the bad cop stands out.  read more

1.Time to revamp rusty bureaucracy.

More than hoarders of black money, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s announcement on November 8 to demonetise high value currency to strike at the root of illicit wealth appears to have stunned his political opponents.   read more

2.Why Islamic banking is back in the news.

Islamic Banking (IB) is back in the news. Former RBI governor Dr Raghuram Rajan first suggested it in 2008 as part of Financial Sector Reforms. Soon, Kerala government came up with a proposal, but it was shot down as the RBI Act was (still is) Sharia non-compliant. Just days before his departure from the RBI in September, Rajan reiterated the need for IBs. His point: paying interest is against the belief of certain faiths and this was restricting banking access. read more

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