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1.When the Budget starts with a subsidy and deficit.

For four years, the printed copies were sold at cost, but the trend changed last year

The ritual ‘halwa ceremony’ heralded the printing of Budget 2017-18 documents on Thursday, but if last year’s experience repeats itself, the government’s strategy to produce the voluminous books could go sour on pricing.

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2.Indian model to predict impact of climate change.

Indigenous assessment to be presented to IPCC to report on effect on ocean temperatures, weather patterns

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, are likely to unveil in December a computerised model that can forecast the impact of climate change on the Indian monsoon until 2100.

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3.The nowhere people next door.

New Delhi should use creative diplomacy to persuade Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis.

The Rohingyas are a people struck by tragedy: persecuted at home in Myanmar, rejected or barely tolerated abroad, and sacrificed at the altar of strategic calculations by powerful neighbours.

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4.From jellicut to jallikattu.

Only science can ensure commercial viability and protection of indigenous breeds.

With the Tamil Nadu Governor clearing an ordinance on jallikattu, the question is whether the sport will help preserve indigenous breeds of cattle.

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1. Dedicated fund for rail safety to get first lot of money in budget.
Amount Was Announced Over A Year Ago
In its two-year report card, the Narendra Modi government had claimed credit for fewer rail accidents and lower casualties.This time, railway minister Suresh Prabhu may paper over the transporter’s safety record. His officers are surprised over three major accidents in a span of two months ­ which have claimed close to 190 lives, compared to 309 in 2015-16.

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2. Leapfrog Beyond Manufacturing

Civil society is a global phenomenon. It is widely known as an influential ‘third sector’, after the government and business/ industry.  read more

3. Budget to focus on rural eco, housing & small business
Views Divided On Universal Basic Income
Even as a prominent section within the government is opposed to universal basic income -an unconditional cash transfer to the poor -the view on the focus areas in Budget is virtually unanimous -boost the rural economy and support the housing sector and small businesses.

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1.India set to test launch another nuke missile on Jan 31.
2.Democracy on the decline.

Democracy, for many, is dead or just about to be. The outgoing US president has reflected on the fragility of this fabric to hold the weight of the mass.  read more

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