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1.Addressing the human-wildlife conflict.

Human-wildlife conflict in the State is on the rise and has become graver with the intrusion of people into wildlife habitats and subsequent changes in land use pattern, according to an expert committee report submitted to the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department.  read more

2.The lowdown on the highway liquor ban.

From April 1, the States and the Union Territories were mandated to shut all liquor vends — shops, bars and restaurants — situated within 500 metres of the outer edge of National or State Highways. read more

3.Do we see H1N1 cases every year?

The spread of influenza virus declines when the temperature shoots up. But this year, despite the summer temperature crossing 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country, the number of H1N1 cases and occasional deaths have not stopped.  read more

4.Mistaking symbolism for service.

Every so many days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminds us about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. To this end, he has often communicated the (unaudited) achievements of his government and the urgency of the issue.  read more

5.It’s a bad law,just dump it.

India Inc. doesn’t like it. Foreign investors hate it. But the taxman, to steal a phrase from McDonald’s, is clearly “lovin’ it”.  read more

6.CJI pitches for zero govt.role in arbitration process.

Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar on Saturday favoured keeping the government away from the arbitration process to help promote confidence of the business community in international arbitration available here.  read more

7.NITI Aayog to present new approach.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair the meeting of the governing council of NITI Aayog on Sunday, where a new three-year policy action plan to replace the old system of five-year plans will be discussed..  read more

1. New joint doctrine for armed forces

The armed forces have formulated a new “joint doctrine“ to ensure the Army , Navy and IAF plan and work together to effectively tackle the entire spectrum of conflict, ranging from full-blown conventional wars to irregular and hybrid warfare, in the years ahead,   read more

2.Jinnah's 2-nation theory triumphs in Kashmir.

Kashmir: the jewel in the crown of India’s secularism. In 1947 when the Muslim-majority state acceded to India, it joined a brave homeland for all. India was not going to be a mirror image of Pakistan, a land created for a single religion.  read more

3.While we obsess over trivia, AI is coming for our jobs.

There is a cliff approaching fast that India is unprepared for. It’s in the near future and will be upon us in 25 or 30 years, according to the people who have understood it best.  read more

1.Pebbles of hate against enduring monolith.

Since the beginning of time, stone has been mankind’s strongest allegory of strength. In Kashmir it is a symbol of weakness, wielded by a lost generation angry with history.  read more

2.Why stop at red beacon,review practices to dismantle VIP cult.

It is an innocuous clause—Section 70 (f) in the Motor Vehicles Act 1939, and Rule 108 of the MV Act of 1988. It deals with the use of “signalling appliances, lamps and reflectors”. read more

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