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1.Madras,Bombay HC’s to reflect city names.

The Law Ministry has prepared a Cabinet note on a Bill changing the names of the High Courts read more

2.Limits of the big freeze.

Why cordial relations between Russia and the West are in the interest of everyone.read more

3.Finding the centre.

While non-alignment has yet to find space in the PM’s speeches, it may still be a necessity in his actions. read more

4.Can we have some silence , please?

Noise is the new garbage in our life. What we urgently need is a meditative state for our society. read more

5.India has to complete a long process for SCO membership.

A long-drawn process lies ahead for India to complete its entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) which will begin its annual summit on June 23-24 at Tashkent. read more

6.For retiring soldiers ,it’s darkness at noon.

A govt. decision to cancel all resettlement courses has disrupted the retirement plans of thousands of jawans. read more

7.NPA dragging down credit growth,not rates

Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan on Wednesday said that the slowdown in credit growth is not because high interest rates but banks are averse to lend because of mounting bad loans. read more

1.ISRO tests PSLV tech limits for major future missions.

Isro on Wednesday not only achieved the feat of placing as many as 20 satellites into orbit with a single PSLV rocket but also successfully tested its vehicle’s capability for challenging future missions. read more

1.Brexit or brakes-it? Judgement today.

Global community keeps fingers crossed as britain decides whether or not to stay within or not to stay within European Union. read more

2. 20 in 1 done,ISRO gets bragging rights in the global community.

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) reputation among international customers went another notch up on Wednesday. read more

3.Of being Imprisoned in a democracy.

Leonard Peltier, Native American activist, completes 40 years as prisoner in America, convicted for shooting two FBI agents in 1975.read more

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